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Best foot forward...

With the shoes to match your highland dress you won't put a foot wrong! Our traditional Scottish made Ghillie Brogues in sturdy black leather are available in a choice of heavyweight with a top quality leather sole, or lightweight with a durable synthetic sole.


 Ghillie Brogues


 We stock sizes 4-13 and half sizes from 6 (UK, USA & Canada)
 European equivalent sizes are 35 to 47. State your country when ordering.

 FW1   Ghillie Brogues - Lightweight £49.00

 FW2   Ghillie Brogues - Heavyweight & Pipe Major's brogues £69.00




 FW3   Pure white hose - hand-knitted top £19.00

 FW4  Hand-knitted tops only £10.00

 FW5   Cream and Coloured hose  Prices from... £10.00

 FW6   Coloured flashes £10.00

 FW7  Tartan flashes £24.00

 FW8  Piper-style hose £12.00

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