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Bagpipe Reeds

When ordering chanter reeds please specify your requirement ie strong, medium or easy. The particular make of chanter would also help in selecting the right product for you.

We specialise in batched reeds and matched chanters for pipe bands.

Code Chanter Reeds £
RR1 Practice Chanter Reed £3.00
RR2 Pipe Chanter Reed £7.75

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Code Drone Reeds £
RR3 Omega Synthetic Drone Reeds (3) £89.00
RR4 Canning Synthetic Drone Reeds (3) £43.00
RR5 Cane Drone Reeds (3) £7.50
RR6 Eeziedrone Synthetic Drone Reeds (3) £45.00
RR7 Shepherd Synthetic Drone Reeds SM90 (3) £43.00
RR8 MG Synthetic Drone Reeds (3) £45.00
RR9 Saul Bagpipe Tuner £215.00


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  drone reeds from shepherd omega selbie and eeziedronechanter reedsdrone reeds: omega selbie cane eezidrone shepherdomega drone reed

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