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Bagpipe Accessories

We carry a comprehensive range of products and accessories for the care and maintenance of your pipes. If you have any questions regarding these items, or if what you are looking for doesn't appear here, please email us.

Bagpipe Maintenance Items

Code Item £
MO4 Yellow Hemp 25gm cop £2.75
MO5 Yellow Hemp 50gm cop £3.95
MO6 Black Waxed Hemp 50gm cop £5.95
MO7 6 Yards of Tying-in String £2.00
MO8 500gm cop of Tying-in String £27.00
MO9 Set of Stock Corks (5) £3.50
M10 Set of Drone Corks (3) £2.50
M11 Set of Brushes (4) £6.00
M12 Spare Stock Reed Protector £8.50
M15 Practice Chanter Brush £2.00
M16 Little-Mac Valve £9.50
M18 Rubber Valve £2.00
M19 Tube Water Trap £7.95
M20 Tube/Bottle Water Trap £14.50
M21 Grip Patch for Bag Cover (2) £4.00
M22 Roll of Grip Patch (Pipe Bands) £39.00
M23 Plastic Ties for Drone Cords (10) £1.50
M26 Tone Enhancers £16.00
M28 Airstream Blowpipe 9, 10, 11 and 12 inch £56.00
M29 Airstream Mouthpiece 3, 4 and 5 inch £16.00
M30 Airstream Mouthpiece Rubber (2) £1.90
V3 Drier System £59.00

Cords, Covers and Cases

Code Item £
CC1 Wool Pipe Cords (self coloured) £16.50
CC2 Wool Pipe Cords (tartan colour) £18.00
CC3 Silk Pipe Cords (self coloured) £26.00
CC4 Silk Pipe Cords (tartan colour) £34.00
CC5 Corded Bag Cover £23.00
CC6 Velvet Bag Cover £24.00
CC7 Tartan Bag Cover £45.00
BC1 Pipe Case £70.00
BC2 Pro-Case Pipe Case (with trolley) £79.00

Replacement Blackwood Pipe Parts

Code Item £
Base drone top or mid joint £80.00
Base or tenor drone under joint £60.00
Tenor drone top £60.00
Base stock or Blowpipe £50.00
Tenor, Chanter or Blowpipe stock £40.00

Pipe Bags

Code Item £
BA4 Regulator zipper bag £115.00


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